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Detailing a Motorcycle’s Paint

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Car Pro Detail finished this Honda CBX Motorcycle detail with beautiful results! They cleaned it nicely with HD Products. After washing it down, they worked on the paint correction. The products they used:

HD Cut
HD Polish
Then followed with a paint sealant, HD Poxy

You can see the results of the paint correction and auto detail on this motorcycle through the pictures below. Check out the stunning results!

Perfecting Your Final Touch

After all the major steps in cleaning or detailing your car are done, you are now ready to put the icing on the cake. Making sure that the windows and panels are fingerprint and smudge free. This Final Touch product from 3D is a light cleaner for removing smudges and prints on the car [...]

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Detailing Made Simple: Saving Time in the Prep Bay

Many professional detailers and novices as well are plagued by the amount of time spent just to prep a vehicle before performing a full detailing. Many spend 2, 3 and even 4 hours just to prepare a car for the detailing process!! I can’t help but to scratch my head when I read how in-depth [...]

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Autopia: HD Polish Review by House of Wax

Product Review by: House of Wax on Autopia“Got a chance to finally mess with HD Polish…I’m trying it out on my 2007 Dodge Ram that is in the process of getting prepped for winter. I will be doing a full correction on the entire vehicle, but for the purposes of evaluating this product I tested [...]

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HD Touch and HD Express at it’s Best!

Testarossa Tuesday courtesy of Platinum Motor Cars. This beaut has only 500 original miles! HD Touch wipe down followed by a few squirts of HD Express woke up this 30 year old original single stage Rosso Corsa finish!Check out the pictures..

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3D Auto Detailing Training Academy – Sneak Peak photos!

Check out some of the photos from our January 2015 3D Auto Detailing Training Academy – Certification Course!Each student got hands-on training from our detailing instructors and were tested before becoming certified. This is great for professionals who want to become certified, beginners who want more knowledge before jumping into the automotive detail industry and [...]

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Mini Review: HD Wash

Check out this review on Autopia by Top189h, he was testing HD Wash and gave a great honest opinion on the product he received as part of our Free Gift Giveaway this past holiday season.With my giveaway of HD Poxy, I also received HD wash. I’ve tried several different soaps, and except for a few, [...]

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Instagram Giveaway!

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Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT) Explained Further

Back when HD Adapt was introduced and now with 3D’s new AAT polishing compounds, so many people have been asking what makes these products different from not only other 3D & HD products, but pretty much all other products on the market. To properly explain this answer, I need to 1st touch on what Adaptive [...]

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